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  Part II Vocabulary

  Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best complete the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  21. This song his life's dream and ardent love of life.

  A) incorporated B) initiated C) exposed D)embodied

  22. Every time I listen to Tchaikovsky, I found myself in the beauty of the works by one of the most artistically creative composers.

  A) submerged B) soaked C) sucked D)immersed

  23. Benjamin Franklin and presented to Congress, on the 21st of July, a plan of confederation.

  A) draw in B) draw on C) draw up D)draw down

  24. The day when he first arrived in Chicago distinctly in his memory.

  A) stands down B) stands in C) stands out D)stands up

  25. In regard to those ancient emperors, we need to assess them in the of their times.

  A) content B) context C) contest D)contention

  26. It is said that the reconstruction of the Grand Theatre is a project of Shanghai government this year.

  A) prestige B) superiority C) priority D)publicity

  27. The price of the real estate in this area may to unexpected values, so everyone should be conscious of the maximum price that he would want to pay for a particular property.

  A) stagger B) shrink C) soar D)suspend

  28. With the Chinese economy expected to continue its strong performance, ability to speak the Chinese language will be an of greater and greater value.

  A) asset B) ethic C) inventory D)obligation

  29. People with a great deal of often have admiring friends and bitter enemies.

  A) quality B) appearance C) personality D)character

  30. Such a toy with musical sounds and animal noises will any young child.

  A) dismay B) astonish C) fascinate D)perplex

  31. After reading of books by great authors for some time, the boy decided to go on to read the originals.

  A) themes B) insights C) digests D)leaflets

  32. In my belief, some of the comments in the movie about the job market are actually of reallife difficulties in find a good job after graduation from universities.

  A) reflections B) demonstrations C) illuminations D)reproductions

  33. In the poem, he depicted the happy of girls playing on a swing in early spring.

  A) perspective B) view C) landscape D)scene

  34. Radical social changes transformed the common of life in the countryside more slowly than in towns and cities.

  A) scales B) patterns C) grades D)ranks

  35. Contrary to popular belief, epidemics do not occur after a natural disaster.

  A) spontaneously B) simultaneously C) homogeneously D)instantaneously

  36. She all criticism and went on with her project.

  A) warded off B) shrugged off C) gave away D)set aside

  37. Looking back upon the whole process, we have every reason to our success to Mary who suggested the right method at the beginning.

  A) ascribe B) ascertain C) aspire D)assert

  38. Overpopulation has greatly the development of this city.

  A) rectified B) hampered C) averted D)discarded

  39. The teacher from her custom and gave no assignments for the weekend.

  A) deviated B) disconnected C) detached D)distorted

  40. Immigration from countries and cultures that are with the cultural core of this nation has been generally prohibited.

  A) interior B) invisible C) incompatible D)integral

  41. The little chair when the fat man sat down on it without thinking.

  A) crushed B) collapsed C) crumpled D)yielded

  42. Your afternoon sightseeing will famous landmarks and monuments including the White House, Embassy Row, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

  A) highlight B) underline C) activate D)upgrade

  43. Films of this sort have lost their for many Spanish young people.

  A) appeal B) pledge C) image D)survival

  44. This course is designed to help children such reallife situations as separation and loss.

  A) cope with B) settle down C) intervene in D)interfere with

  45. Foreign language teachers of this university are busy designing a test of spoken English to the original written examination.

  A) contaminate B) compliment C) complement D)coordinate

  46. Her chief was her not packing a raincoat for her trip to Yunnan last July.

  A) drawback B) handicap C) bruise D)blunder

  47. Idlers, no matter how poor they are, are always at finding reasons not to take action to improve their living conditions.

  A) intrinsic B) ingenious C) initial D)inherent

  48. As the graduation is drawing near, every student began to his future.

  A) compensate B) contemplate C) jeopardize D)manifest

  49. The investigation gives support to the between profit and top managers pay.

  A) analogy B) paradox C) correlation D)illusion

  50. It advocated by the book that a man, no matter how his origin may be, can be successful with unremitting efforts and strong will.

  A) inferior B) awkward C) minor D)humble


  Part II Vocabulary

  21. D22. D23. C24. C25. B26. C27. C28. A29. C30. C

  31. C32. A33. D34. B35. A36. B37. A38. B39. A40. C

  41. B42. A43. A44. A45. C46. D47. B48. B49. C50. D 




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